16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fog or Smoke?

  1. The photos probably have a mixture of both fog and smoke. The sunset over downtown is certainly enhanced by particulate matter in the air from the wildfires around the region. And the two lower photos are looking south from the roof of CatSynth HQ towards San Bruno Mountain, which was the site of a fire on Sunday and Monday and sits somewhere slightly beyond the smoke and haze.

    Being in downtown San Francisco, we are relatively safe from wildfires. But we know our friends in Santa Cruz and up on Napa and Solano counties are potentially in harms way, and we hope they stay safe.

  2. I heard about the Napa fires on the news, so I'm not surprised that some of the smoke drifted your way. Hope it clears out soon. It's SO not nice to breathe. 😛


  3. Having a house in the San Bernardino mountains, I'm no stranger to wild fires. My prayers go out to those in harm's way.

  4. Sumtimes tha smoke makes fur beautiful sunsets. But enuf is enuf. Hope effurryone is safe up yours way.
    Tha photos are great, btw, mine Mommie says gorgeous.
    Love an Purrs,

  5. We always worry about the fires in N. and S. California because we have relatives living in Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, and also in Orange County.

  6. It's really interesting how the smoke from fires makes the sky turn orange. We experienced that down here during the Malibu and other fires…

  7. That summer solstice event wood be varry touching for us. The 21st marked one yeer since my sisfur Nikki left us. Shes the one we are remembering on our page today. I'm gonna write more about her tomorrow.

    I hope yoos is okay wif all those fires. I wood be skairt! BUt I betchoo is all gonna be fine.

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