Sad news today

Some very sad news today. Our friend sher of What Did You Eat? passed suddenly this morning.

Sher was one of the first people we met through Weekend Cat Blogging. She often left kind words on our site for Luna, whom she quite admired. And in turn we got to know her late cats Upsie and Sundance, and of course her little black kitten Laura.

We remember her sharing life with cats and squirrels. But she was also an accomplished food blogger, and we have tried several of the recipes she posted. Indeed, I was going to be making the Angel Hair Pasta With Sweet Red Pepper Pesto that she posted on Thursday, not knowing this would also be her final post.

Our thoughts are with Sher’s family and friends this evening.

6 thoughts on “Sad news today

  1. We would love to have you make Sher’s pasta recipe and then post about it on Sunday July 27, as part of a tribute her sisters in the Bread Baking Babes are hosting.

    I know Sher would be honored and so will the rest of the Babes.

    Breadchick Mary

  2. From time to time I look over this site with its well written contributions. I am pleased about the interesting contributions and would like to express my radix complement in addition! Greetings from Germany!

  3. I still can’t believe it! we will dedicate this weeks wcb to her!
    and I will be making one of her recipes to honor her too this weekend!

    sending hugs and love!
    Astrid and the boys

  4. I just found out this morning.

    I feel so shocked and sad. Her family will miss her terribly, but Upsie and Sunshine will be curled happily in her lap at long last.

    This is a lovely tribute that you and Luna put together. I did 1, 2.


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