26 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Triangles

  1. This is a detail photo of the “glass pyramid” in the courtyard of the Legion of Honor, a famous art museum in San Francisco (it was featured in the film Vertigo among others).

    Even surrounded by much famous and historical art, I still find myself drawn to simple light and geometry in images like this one.

  2. Fascinating use of light and shadow. At first I thought it was looking down from the roof through a skylight. But if it is, then the wall lights are pointed up.

    Regarding your comment on my WW post, the train is on a large modular layout I photographed at the National Train Show in Anaheim depicting rural England. What is interesting is that it was built and is run by a Los Angeles based model railroad club, the L.A. Breakers. Because their modules are not the type with diorama backdrops it is difficult to photograph them from an angle that excludes “real world” background.

  3. It’s amazing how some simple shapes can be transformed into something really nice under different lighting, colour, or what-have-you.

  4. I’m having trouble with the captcha, giving it one more try….

    This is a very interesting subject. Can hardly tell the actual object from the tangle of its multiple shadows. Very unique! Thanks for your visit yesterday. Today, I am going blogless!

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