Marriage Equality (aka "No on 8") Rally, November 15

On Saturday, demonstrations were held throughout the country in support of marriage equality and against the recent passage of Proposition 8 here in California (as well as similar measures in other states). Of course our local event in San Francisco was one of the more prominent.

It was an exceptionally warm and sunny weekend here, considering that it’s the middle of November. It was already getting hot when people started gathering at City Hall ahead of the 10:30 start time.

And the crowd grew rather quickly.

Indeed, it was hard to see the speakers, or hear them. In that sense, it was a bit frustrating and gave the event a sense of poor planning. At the same time, it was great that the crowd was so large. And it was worth it to be there in support of my friends and all the other people whose marriage rights were taken away. This is part of the way to win them back.

Some more colorful banners, playing on the California and U.S. Flags (we featured the “rainbow Bear Flag” in a past Wordless Wednesday).

After a while of standing in the heat and attempting to listen to speakers, we all decided to march from City Hall along Market Street towards the Castro District.

That is where my participation ended for the day, but this is too important an issue to simply end at a street corner…

3 thoughts on “Marriage Equality (aka "No on 8") Rally, November 15

  1. I don’t know how this whole thing will end up, but I don’t think it’s right that all those couples who got married before, have their marriage annulled. If nothing else, think of all the hassles and complications that may arise if people have to ‘undo’ the things they did after getting married (ie – joint bank account; insurance (dependent status); survivor benefits (change the ‘relationship’ status, etc.). Just my half penny’s worth (the economy, ya know?)

    OK, on to more ‘neutral’ topic….

    The pictures are very nice. Love the blue sky and weather. We had rain and snow over the weekend. Yep – snow. The combination of the wind and rain on Saturday night made a mess in the yard.

  2. I don’t think it’s right that all those couples who got married before, have their marriage annulled.

  3. We should consider morality in this case. Seems like we are drowning apart to our own belief that what we doing is right.

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