21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: SF Vacant Lot

  1. This vacant lot sits between Harrison and Folsom Streets in San Francisco. We have featured several photos from this area on CatSynth.

  2. There is something about the light in SF that makes vacant lots so much more of an eye catcher, don’t you think? They somehow mesmerize me.

  3. Happy WW!

    Also, thanks for stopping by mine. To answer your question . . . You must have missed the first frame in the image . . . it’s from Love Actually. If you watch the image all the way through, there is a title image that gives the movie name and shows the cover of the movie box. It’s a really good movie if you like romantic comedies.

  4. Hi
    It was very interesting walking around San Francisco. Probably the closest I got to this neighborhood was walking to the Moscone center with my husband . He was attending the Hematology Conference last weekend…I think I have a couple photos of those taller buildings in the backgroun.

  5. I actually walked by the Moscone Center and Yerba Buena Gardens last weekend while the Hematology conference was going on (I remember seeing the banners). I might have have passed by you and your husband. Quite a coincidence.

  6. Would be nice to turn it into a park or something for pedestrians.

    By the way – nice new digs. 🙂

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