CatSynth in China II

Well, for the second time in only two months, I will be visiting China. More opportunities to explore and hopefully build on the experience of the previous trip.

And this time, I will be performing a show in Shanghai at an electronic music event. Stay tuned for more details.

The unfortunate part is of course leaving Luna behind. This time, we’re past the construction, so things should be more peaceful for her, albeit a bit lonely.

8 thoughts on “CatSynth in China II

  1. China??? Again???????
    That is so cool 🙂 Hope you have fun!!!
    Does this mean Luna has a sitter so she gets to stay home?
    Purrs Mickey

  2. I hope you have a good time in China.
    It’s great to hear that you’ll be performing there – hope to see some pics.

    Luna will miss her daddy too. The good part is how excited and happy she’ll be when daddy comes home 🙂

    Get back home safe.

  3. I saw this list and immediately thought of you — that you would find it compelling, that is!

    But finding out about your trip is a big surprise. I hope you have a wonderfully safe and happy journey. I’ll bet the Chinese, too, have some crazy intersections worth writing home about.

    BTW, I love seeing the photos of everything back to normal and Luna once more ruling her own private kittydom.

    Bye, for now, and I know I speak for everyone here who follows your adventures when I say we look forward to your arrival home with interesting tales of exotic travel.

    Oh, and foremost how Luna fared, of course.

  4. i just stumbled upon this by accident trying to find out about my ancestors from China. LOL ! And I love cats too. I have 4. Anyhoo, neat site and keep it up. Peace:)

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