Recap: Performance at The Shelter in Shanghai

A brief review in photos of my performance last Friday at The Shelter.

The Shelter is actually in a converted bomb shelter, and to get there one descends a long narrow staircase and enters this cave-like hallway:

Inside the main club space, it is mostly dark, save for a few small lights and these video screens broadcasting live from the DJ booth:

The above photo shows my setup via the video camera. We can take a closer look at on the DJ platform itself.

As described in the previous post, I combined traditional Chinese musical instruments with electronics, blending old and new. In the above image you can see (left to right) a prayer bowl, a small bell, a gong, and temple blocks (to the right of the laptop). Some of my Chinese friends and colleagues were blown away by the idea that one can combine the different elements to make a single type of music.

The performance itself went quite well, and just about everything worked as planned. If there was one thing that was unfortunate, it was that 10:30 is quite “early” in terms of Shanghai nightlife, so there were not that many people in attendance yet. But you always play for the people who are there, and it was a new experience for all of us.

The club did fill up later on during the DJ sets that followed, and I stuck around to hear most of them – it seems this is one of the main places in the city to hear more underground or unusual music, be it live electronics or DJs. That was an adventure in and of itself, but a story for another time.

I did also make an audio recording and a video of the performance, which I have not had a chance to review yet. Look for at least short excerpts of both in the future.

5 thoughts on “Recap: Performance at The Shelter in Shanghai

  1. Very cool. Seems like The Shelter is the place to ‘be’. What’s the accustic like in there?

    I’m impressed with all that equipment, and to combine old traditional instruments with modern technology (computer).

    Look forward to hearing more about the show.

  2. Hehe — “underground music” indeed.

    I have to say I agree with Chrystal about the scary part and I wondered if there were any fire exits. Maybe I’m just getting too old for edgy thrills.

    NTL, it was fascinating reading — can’t wait to hear the fascinatin’ rhythm.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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