27 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Badminton with Marx and Engels

  1. The great heroes of communism seem little more than background props in contemporary Shanghai.

    This is a preview of sorts for the remaining articles I need to write about my last trip to China. I hope people will return to read the full “non-Wordless” versions.

  2. hahaha this is really a leisure place… cool catch!!! I am finally back.. hope you can visit mine too… I am sure you’ll get a wordless laugh at my entry… LOL! Happy WW!

  3. Happy WW!!!!!!!!!!

    Hopefully nobody hit the birdie so hard that it lands on Marx and Engels. They may never get it back.

  4. I wonder how many Karl Marx statues and squares there are. It seems like every city in Europe, and now Asia has one. I guess that’s how you can tell you are in the U.S. NO Karl Marx statues.

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