34 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Jin Mao Tower interior, Shanghai

  1. This is the futuristic atrium of the Hyatt Hotel in the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai. This is the second tallest building in the city. This photo is looking down from the 85th floor to the 54th floor.

    It reminds me a bit of some of the sets of science fiction films. In fact, it was featured in the film Code 46, which was reviewed here at CatSynth in 2007.

    Look for more images of the Jin Mao Tower and other skyscrapers of the Pudong district of Shanghai in upcoming posts.

  2. What a gorgeous photo!
    And in response to your comment on my blog, most of the beach photos I take are from Emma Wood State beach in Ventura, California :0)

  3. Oh my… as someone who’s afraid of heights, that makes my stomach knot up just a bit! But wow, what a beautiful shot!

  4. Beautiful! Brings on my vertigo, so glad to only see it on screen, which is a shame because it’s obviously worth seeing in person! 🙂 xxx

  5. Wow! What an amazing shot you captured. Makes me dizzy just looking at it. I can’t even imagine what the view looks like out the windows toward the city. I’ve never been to Shanghai, but my father grew up there. Times and architecture were much different back then, though. I’d love to go there and experience Shanghai’s sense of style! Thanks for visiting my WW. Enjoy!

  6. Very cool pic! and that’s only from 85th to the 54th floor? How many floors are there? Hope the elevators don’t break down or the fire alarm goes off. Lots of stairs. Then again, that’s when a mattress will come in handy. Just sit on it, hold tight, and slide down the stairs. weeeeeeeee!

  7. Great work – an eye-catching shot combining good colour, perspective and does the structure aworld of justice…

  8. Love this one. Very disorientating at first, I couldn’t work out if I was looking horizontally (along a corridor) or down. This draws you in and makes you look. Great art requiring an effort form the viewer.

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