32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Vineyard Arch

  1. To me, this is quite a moody image, although I’m not sure that’s what was intended. The sky looks bright but overcast, while closer to the ground it looks to me as though it has just rained. B & W images are funny that way. Of course, the very first thing I noticed about the image is the way the window divides the scene into sections. Okay, I’ve babbled enough. 😀

  2. This photo was taken in the Napa Valley wine country a few weekends ago. It was a bit of an overcast, rainy day. But it made for some interesting images…and the tasting rooms were less crowded.

  3. Nice shot. I like looking out on rows of vines. Sadly there is not quite the opportunity here in Englad… although English wines (especially sparkling ones) are getting a much better reputation. Gappy WW

  4. wow, the second doorway type of WW image today! i was going to post a door, too, but then realized that i should do something in connection with world poetry month. now i’m getting my doors just by poking around other WW’s 🙂

  5. I like this picture. It looks like it was taking a long time ago, and it looks very peaceful.

  6. The photo (love the photo!) conveys my mood yesterday, not so much today though. I still could go for a glass of wine regardless. Happy WW.

  7. Gotta go a touch glib on this one… simply because, I feel odd saying it, but of all your images, this one is easily my favourite! Evocative and emotional in a way… stark and yet not stark! Love it!

  8. Except for the palm tree that could be a scene from a vineyard here in Germany, perhaps taken through a castle window. Very nice shot.

  9. To me its like a photo taken from an old movie. I believe black and white pictures do create a dramatic effect. I have yet to try doing these kinds of shots, though.

    Thanks for sharing this creative photo.


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