CatSynth 3rd Anniversary

Well, this site has now been running for three years. And we’re marking the anniversary the best way we can think of: with stats of questionable significance.

886 posts.
195,501 visitors.
Over 15,000 spam comments squashed.
Over 400 cat-and-synth pics and videos

The top 20 terms (a term is either a tag or a category or both):

Cats   516
cat   356
Synthesizers   297
Luna   215
synthesizer   185
Music   171
News   146
weekend cat blogging   136
WCB   134
Personal   120
Art   115
Wordless Wednesday   96
Modernism   72
San Francisco   68
synth   61
Photography   61
Highways   60
electronic music   52
Reviews   40
cats on tuesday   48

The 11 most commented posts:

Dona Nobis Pacem   48
Wordless Wednesday: La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona   43
"Wayback" Wordless Wednesday: Green Kitties   42
Wordless Wednesday: A Great Moment   41
Wordless Wednesday: Luna Sun Triangle   41
Dona Nobis Pacem: BlogBlast for Peace!   40
Wordless Wednesday: 43   39
Wordless Wednesday: Cat and Geometry   38
Wordless Wednesday: Centered Cat   37
Wordless Wednesday: Alley behind 49 Geary   37
Wordless Wednesday: Maneki Neko   37

And the top comment contributors:

Kitty   451
Mickey   179
CatSynth   138
Gattina   136
whaleshaman   81
AndrΓ©e   73
Daisy   71
Dragonheart & Merlin   71
sher   65
SandyCarlson   60
jams o donnell   44
The Right Blue   44
kitikata-san   42
Hendrix   41
parker   40
Matthew James Didier   40
Katie   32
Randall   31
HotMBC   30
Gandalf & Grayson   30
Dennis the Vizsla   30

This list includes sites that are no longer active, and at least one person who has passed away.

I did also go back and look at those early posts from July and August of 2006, expecting to reflect on how much things have changed over three years. But instead I found myself noticing how much things on the site have stayed the same…

11 thoughts on “CatSynth 3rd Anniversary

  1. HAPPY 3rd BLOGOVERSARY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are happy that the word ‘cat’ and especially Luna made the top 4 πŸ™‚
    We look forward to many more posts too!!
    We see we have missed a few πŸ˜• (oops)
    Happy celebrating too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!

    I really like your site, especially the WW.

    Keep up the great work, and of course, keep posting pictures of luna.

    May you have many, many, many more anniversaries! πŸ™‚

  3. We’ve been blogging about the same amount of time. Will do a math crunch like yours next week because it looks interesting. One curious item: you get 1 comment for every 39 visitors. For me it’s roughly the same, I think about 1 comment for every 45 visitors. Wonder why people are shy to talk? Love to Luna!

  4. Apologies for this belated congrats, but I think it’s my brain that’s no longer active. And Katz is right, that was an interesting math crunch.

    Luna looks younger than ever, and she thrives under your loving care.

    So happy happy third, here’s to many more thirds. πŸ˜‰

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