21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Contemporary Jewish Museum

  1. That is one cool building! I’ll have to see it next time we travel to San Francisco (whenever that may be, our relatives there are now spending 6 months a year in Hawaii – lucky for them but wayyyyy too far for us unfortunately).

  2. It looks very modern to me compared to the buildings around. It’s a pity that nowhere architecture is respected. They just put old and new together.

  3. I really like the blend of old and new. Although as a rowhome lover it always makes me sad to just see a lone one like in this picture–where did the rest of them go?

    Will definitely have to check this out when I make it to SF. Happy WW!

  4. I think that particular house is attached to the church. This is an old industrial/commercial neighborhood a block south of Market Street that has been redeveloped completely over the last couple of decades. Indeed, the CJM building itself is a 100-year-old (and mostly abandoned) power station. The original facade still exists, and the modern blue-glass extensions have been added. I think the blending of new and old in the building itself was done very tastefully, and it also is respectful of older neighboring buildings like the church.

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