24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Before Winter

  1. Now that we are in the midst of winter, we look back to this lush scene from December 20 (the day before the official start of winter).

    We have had some pretty cold days here since then, but nothing like most of the US.

  2. I wish I could be in such warm weather. And the water… Let’s not even talk about it. Excellent pic. I’m glad you put in the second link. It’s great to see the same location from different perspectives.

  3. We still had some nice tropical-looking scenes down here in Texas–until last week. Now all the tropical looking plants look like boiled spinach! We’ve had the hardest freeze in years.

  4. what is the weather like there now? it is cold cold and snow on the ground here. it is nice to see lush green even in pictures. we are glad we feed birds so we can see color instead of just blah now.

    Happy New Year all!

  5. Lovely. It has been unseasonably warm and lovely here. Cold at night, but really warm during the day. I hear that is about to end though, big storm coming through next week with rain every day. But we can use the water, so I won’t complain too much!

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