12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: View downtown from Twin Peaks

  1. @Daisy. That’s actually the back of the building, facing towards the highway overpass (Market Street). I’m sure the other side of the building has lots of windows and spectacular views of downtown.
    (Though if it we my building or apartment, I would like windows on all sides.)

  2. Thanks for your funny caption on my photo on Texifornia!

    I grew up in Twin Peaks too…but not that one. The Twin Peaks where I lived in California is a little mountain town covered with pine trees. Our downtown consists of a mini-market (you know, the kind you find next to gas stations, only without the gas station), a fire-house, our one restaurant (the Antlers Inn), a print shop, a post office, a video shop and a Gold’s Gym, That’s IT.

    So, where is your Twin Peaks? (What state?)

    Curious how your town reacted/was affected by the TV show Twin Peaks. When those commercials first came out saying “There’s been a murder in Twin Peaks” for two seconds I thought it was an actual newscast–before I realized it was much too stylized for that. We had some reporters come came up and stole the hand carved sign our Twin Peaks Community, and when I went to college everyone asked me if my Twin Peaks was the same one the show was filmed at. In response (years later actually, cause they didn’t have Zazzle back then…I made this):


  3. OOPS…sorry, didn’t see that it was from San Francisco. I’d forgotten there were two Twin Peaks in California.

  4. Years ago I lived where I had a view of Twin Peaks Vendana Double Cone from my window. It’s intersting to read about other Twin Peaks around the country and one not so far away.

  5. Have visited San Fransisco in 1992, loved it although it was very cold for a months of July I had to buy a cardigan we hardly had 70 F !

  6. Haven’t been to Twin Peak in ages and forgot what a nice view you’d get of the city on a clear day. Interesting boxy building on the right. Where are the windows?
    Regarding the “Toys R Us logo look a little ominous”. perhaps because it is spelled backwards. ;P

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