Wordless Wednesday: Aftermath


8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Aftermath

  1. This is but a subset of the campaign ads and flyers that I received this year. I don’t recall ever getting so many in the past.

    Most are for local candidates and issues. The largest share of ads are candidates for district supervisor (our equivalent of city council representative), and for Proposition B. The “Republican Guy Who Ran Against Nancy Pelosi ™” also sent a few. Go figure.

  2. I wish I had saved mine for a picture–I could have wallpapered the house!

    Ours stopped after the primary. The city of Baltimore leans so heavily one way, the primary is the only election that matters!

  3. I agree as well. These ads really did nothing to help with my decisions on election day and waste a lot of paper. Several them were already recycled by the time I thought about saving them for this purpose.

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