28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Doll and Metal Beams

  1. We should call this, Hipster Barbie, Williamsburg Barbie or Barbie from the Block (though I know it’s not Barbie). Love the shot. It really is beautiful though. I can totally see myself doing a headshot in that type of environment. Now to shrink myself…
    Happy WW!!!


  2. Love it!!!! Reminds me of my little Sis who way back in the 70s would take photos of her fashion dolls posed in various outdoor locations like the garden etc! Fun pic, and a trip down memory lane for me 🙂 Happy 2011!

  3. OK, not going to speculate on why you have a doll 😉
    However, all the comments so far have been quite
    fun to red! I especially like feefifito’s!!
    I like the rusty steel. I also like to take pictures if rusty things 🙂
    Thanks for the birthday wishes too!!

  4. You have me smiling. I am wondering how we can expect a toy to be other than a toy. Thinking of myself, I guess. I have been this little doll. Thanks for a poignant photo.

  5. You’ve outdone yourself again. This is a cute shot. The texture of the metal forces the viewer to keep looking to find out what this really is and from what perspective it was shot.

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