19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: FARM (Four Barrels)

  1. Interesting pic & such a curious set up w/ the piping connecting all four and going into the building – even the pedastal made of concrete blocks and wood juxtaposed against the steel.

    I wonder whats inside? What does it say on the labels of the barrels that don’t say farm?

    Thanks for stopping by again!

    And yes let’s see you’re “its a beautiful day” pics, since all of mine will be snow related for a while. LOL


  2. wonder what F.A.R.M means? great photo of the barrels – you have a great way of taking pics of mechanical and industrial items

  3. I’m curious what’s in those barrels too. It seems such a strange place to put them. I bet you get lots of interesting street shots in that neighborhood.

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