Weekend Cat Blogging #299

Weekend Cat Blogging #299 will be hosted here at CatSynth.  It’s like hosting #300, but one less. This comes in the midst of a busy weekend, including a performance tomorrow night and preparations for a big concert one week from now, but with some proper rest we should be ready to handle everything.

As usual, to participate please leave a comment on this post with a link to your contribution, or you can tweet us @catsynth with hashtag #WCB.  (Note that we won’t get to the round-up until Sunday due to the performances and other commitments.)

And now let us get on with the round-up.

Cats love boxes.  It’s a well-comfirmed fact.  But if one needs even more evidence, check out this cute cat-in-a-box picture courtesy of Pam’s Sidewalk Shoes.

It looks like there is a campaign underway at Mom’s Sunday Cafe concerning someone’s desire for a new yellow truck with gray interior…or perhaps just an interesting color fashion statement:

Jules is a very patient model for his mom’s experiments with Photoshop at Judi’s Mind of Matter.  I do like the direction the image is going, pushing the contrast to an extreme, where only Jules and the wall sockets are visible.

Luna and Zulu T Katt share a photo of Zulu enjoying a drink in the faucet.  It’s interesting how some cats seem to enjoy running water while others do not – nowhere near the universal appeal of boxes.

We will continue with the round-up later this afternoon.

The Cats of Wildcat Woods have taken a more subtle approach to Photo Hunt: Mostly Black.  The tabbies and tortoiseshells including Woody, Chica and Joey all have black as part of their markings.  They are also looking for a home for mostly black cat Avon.  Please click on her Petfinder link to find out more info.

At Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat, Elvira is enjoying her three two play cubes.

It looks like the last two have suffered from some rather enthusiastic clawing. She looks so innocent in that picture, though.

Finally, Tsunami is The Mighty Hunter Create with Joy:

We recognized Tsunami’s photo from this past Wordless Wednesday.

That concludes the Weekend Cat Blogging roundup for now. Thanks for being patient, and for the supporting words on the music events this week (last night’s performance in Oakland went quite well).

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