20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Suzhou Creek Graffiti

  1. Graffiti near a bridge over the Suzhou Creek in Shanghai.

    I had an ulterior motive for posting this one today. I will be having my first public photo show in a couple of weeks, and the urban graffiti shots are likely to be the theme! I will post more info on the blog in the near future…

  2. Cool, you found graffiti in China! I didn’t see any when I was in Zhouzhuang. Congratulations on your upcoming show.

    Yes, my post was from the recent Vietnamese Spring Parade in San Jose.

  3. Amazing colours in this graffiti!
    Terrific shot and I’m also enchanted by your previous post about the exposition, thanks so much for sharing ART and beautiful pictures!

  4. Congrats on your first public show! That is so exciting. Graffiti will be an eye-catching theme, too. This shot has so much visual interest. The uniform hue of the grass is mellowed by the wild colors in the paint, and the background buildings almost seem to be growing from the artwork.

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