23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Battery Mendell (Marin Headlands)

  1. This is part of an old WWII-era installation in the Marin Headlands, overlooking the Pacific Ocean north of San Francisco. I have posted pictures from here before, it offers a wealth of photographic opportunities.

    I was using this photo tonight as part of a promotion for my next show, a combined music + poetry reading at the Headlands Center for the Arts this coming Sunday. So it seemed like a good choice for WW. It also appeared in the video slideshow that accompanied my Open Studios photography show last week (though it was not one of the prints).

  2. I’ve been there once. Great view of the bay and the GG bridge. You’re right, lots of photo ops there just like what you posted.

  3. This is perfect as a teaser for your show, and you’re right. It does seem to offer a wealth of photographic opportunities. This photo draws me right in and makes me want to go exploring with my own camera!

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