Wordless Wednesday: Red Pipes, Numi Tea Garden

15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Red Pipes, Numi Tea Garden

  1. The ceiling at Numi Tea Garden in Oakland. Site of Outsound’s Outsound’s 3rd Annual Monday the Month Before benefit dinner for our upcoming festival in July. It took place this past Monday. It was a great evening, with creative food by Miles Ake and a particularly inspiring performance by Vorticella.

    A more detailed review is forth coming. But for now, I thought this photo was quite appropriate for a typical CatSynth Wordless Wednesday.

  2. I like that it’s not the typical silver or a mundane white. It’s there, so it might as well look good!

    As always, thanks for the WW support!


  3. Instead of hiding the pipes, they decided to accentuate them! Not knowing what the rest of the place looks like, I’m sure they liven up the place.

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