CatSynth video: Cats and Mini Theremin 2

From widtara on YouTube:

“Adjusted to lower pitch than the first one.”

There are three cats in the video, but readers are forewarned that the sound can be a little challenging to take for the full length of time.

The “first one” actually appeared here back in 2009.

Here is another classic cat-playing-theremin video. Indeed, a reader on twitter reminded me about this video and thus led to the theme of today’s post.

6 thoughts on “CatSynth video: Cats and Mini Theremin 2

  1. Although the sound was not for my ears, I am really amazed how the cats react !!! That’s unbelievable and they look so cute and intrigued. I wonder what my cats would do hearing such a sound.

  2. My mommie could stand to listen for about 38 seconds 🙂
    Then she turned the sound off 🙁
    I found it very interesting to listen to !!!

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