Weekend Cat Blogging #322 and Carnival of the Cats #386

We at CatSynth are planning a quiet August, and what better way to begin than with hosting both Weekend Cat Blogging and Carnival of the Cats on the same weekend!

Call it efficiency, or poor planning, but here we are and we’re ready to host both events together in a combined round-up.  So feel free to leave a comment below to submit your WCB post, or if you prefer use the handy COTC submission page.  Either way, it ends up here.


We begin with Nikita and Elvira of Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat. First Elvira demonstrates good diet and exercise practices.

Then we get a sneak preview of Kiril’s appearance at a charity event at the Oprheum Theatre in Downtown LA. We see the special name tags and business cards he printed up for the event, as well as his new suspenders.

Next up, Animal Shelter Volunteer presents Loreen and Krystal, two sisters available for adoption. They are a beautiful pair, and need to adopted together. Today, they are taking it easy while they wait for a forever home.

At Lost in the Cheese Aisle, Elisson introduces as to Bean, the littlest Barn Cat-in-Training.  Very cute, indeed!  Bean lives with Elisson’s “Elder daughter”, who has left urban (and urbane) life for a more bucolic existence, at least for the moment.

Catsparella presents The Catsparella Podcast Episode 2 and an Exclusive Sarah Donner Interview and Performance.  Follow the link to check out the videos of the podcast and performance. It turns out Donner is an animal advocate who fosters kittens when she’s not on tour, and even has a hit YouTube video featuring one of the kittens she rescued.

At Judi’s Mind of Matter, Jules poses very handsomely for Luna.   Black cats rule!  We always know we can count on Jules to provide a great shot for WCB.  Meanwhile, Vincent looks horrified at what happened to his friend Smudge from Pam’s Sidewalk Shoes.  What could it be?

It turns out Smudge had a trip to the vet for grooming and some serious dental care.  That does sound painful!  But in truth, he feels much better afterwards.

The cats at Friends Furever are celebrating Bora Bora day.  We’re not entirely sure what it’s about, though it looks like a lot of fun (Bora Bora is an island in French Polynesia).  And it involves a big fish.  We are also sending healing thoughts for Ellie, who is not feeling well this weekend.  Get well, soon!

We are also sending healing vibes for Samantha at Life at Cat’s Perspective, who could use some healthy thoughts after her last vet appointment.  But amidst the seriousness, the whole gang is also heading to Bora Bora.

It’s a low-energy day at Chez Ranger, so they are reposting some old pictures.  But hey, they are new to us, and the first picture is quite nicely composed.  They report that Maddie is in good health, after her recent vet trips and health concerns.

As the above entries suggest, health concerns and sickness theme to be a big theme this week.  And sadly, there are many others beyond those participating in WCB and COTC.  Our friends Tillie and Georgia are foregoing their usual Friday close-ups and instead offering thoughts for all their sick-kitty friends.

But we do have some great close-ups from Team Tabby.  All five cats are in a happy mood, and we are happy to have them join WCB this week.  We show a side-by-side comparison of Mindy’s photographic portrait and a more stylized rendering.

We conclude with a bit of WCB apocrypha.

We meet Cheops of Donna’s Designs, who is joining WCB for the first time. Welcome!

At The Chair Speaks, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK looks displeased (one might even say contemptuous) after his claws were clipped.

It looks like Faz wants a closer encounter with a nearby seagull.

Thanks to everyone who commented or participated this week. We will continue to post both WCB and COTC entries through the end of Sunday (US Pacific time), so do join us if you are interested in participating.  Also, please let us know if we missed your entry in the complexity of handling both at the same time and we’ll add you right away.

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