Wordless Wednesday: 8551 (Lines)

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 8551 (Lines)

  1. Yeah, where are the birdies? Heh heh.

    The mom says she likes that shot…Most of her pics are floral or landscape and she doesn’t think to look up at all the power lines around our city. Very creative!

  2. That is a lot of lines, that is for sure. We just hope they stay up there all the time and don’t fall down. Great picture. I have to agree with everyone, where are the birdies. Surely someone needed to have a meeting. Have a great day.

  3. I am so used to seeing these power or phones lines going across the streets that sometimes I don’t even notice them. Glad you are more observant than I am.

  4. My first thought was, “Eeery!” And then I read the comments about Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” and I wondered if that’s why my first thought hit me the way it did. Shivers!

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