20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Quicksilver

  1. I took the second half the extended weekend, after my photography show, to spend some time quietly in nature. Of course, I happen to find nature that contains old buildings that are great to photograph.

    This particular image brought to mind the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher, whose work I find quite inspiring. I reviewed them here on CatSynth as part of the New Topographics show at SFMOMA in 2010.

    The title of this entry comes from the location, at a former mercury mine south of San Jose, California.

  2. wow thats stunning. Its funny how something falling apart can be so beautiful.

  3. Yes, I am guessing the mercury mining was not particularly safe or healthy. One of the main uses was for gold mining in California, which has a history of problems related to health and pollution from mercury.

    I did take several shots with different Hipstamatic settings, including some color versions that I thought came out well. But the black-and-white has the best contrast and detail.

  4. Interesting to see mining structures for something different than lead, silver and gold, mines abundant throughout Colorado. I, too, wonder about the safety of mining mercury. Here, the danger was in the steepness of the mountains! Well, and the lightning.

    You asked about my software… PhotoShop 7, with a host of free and paid-for plug-ins; a couple of today’s are from Redfield, and I can’t remember what I used on the others. One is a swirl something or other.

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