Robert Reich at #OccupySF

Last week I returned to #OccupySF, specifically to hear Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary and current U.C. Berkeley Professor.

It was a somewhat cold and windy afternoon, not unusual for San Francisco, but there was a decently sized crowd for a weekday afternoon. I did attempt to video part of the speech on my iPhone. It came out terribly. But fortunately pixplz on Twitter made a full-length and high-quality recording of the “teach in”. I recommend checking it out.

[Video by justinryanbeck (pixplz on Twitter).]

I have listened to many of his commentaries on radio and read his editorial pieces, and usually find him to sound quite reasonable. Indeed, I have been curious why we was not invited to be part of the economic team in 2009 to address our crisis. He was quite detailed in responding to some of the more articulate questions, and very patient with the “other” questions. There is always going to be some of both.

4 thoughts on “Robert Reich at #OccupySF

  1. Thanks. Just to be clear, as stated in the article, the video is by pixlz (justinryanbeck). I follow his Twitter feed along with others for #OccupySF updates.

  2. Great that Mr. Reich was there to lend support. I’m sure people are more encouraged and motivated with him there and speaking. Thanks for sharing.

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