Carnival of the Cats #414

We at CatSynth are happy to host Carnival of the Cats #414!

The Carnival of the Cats occurs every Sunday and features feline-themed posts submitted from around the “blogosphere.”  You can participate by leaving a comment or using the handy submission form.  Although we are questioning the handiness of the submission form this week, as we have very few participants.  But we’re here for those who are participating, so let us get started.

Elvira turned two years old this past week. Please join us in wishing her a happy birthday!  It looks like she had a good celebration with her family.  Her birthday week also happened to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile, Nikita relates his dad’s recent acquisition of cat-themed books.  It looks like they have quite a collection going, including some vintage books from the 1940s and 1950s. [Note: it is actually Elvira in the photo above.]  It reminds us at CatSynth that we should do a similar post one of these days.

In addition to hosting this carnival, we did a photo of Luna for the Weekly Photo Hunt on the theme of “point”, along with a pointing maneki neko. We encourage visitors to check it out.  There is a highway sign as well (yes, we’re a little odd).

It’s Flash Back Sunday at Life from A Cat’s Perspective, with significant pictures from the past, including one of the last with Samantha and Mr. Tigger together. They all miss him very much.

Over at Sweet Purrfections, Truffle and Brulee claimed this bed as their own and are enjoying a nap on it. I think they match the bed and the room quite nicely.

Jill of BabyBakes introduces Chuck (aka “Kat”), a new kitten. She relates the story of how this tiny kitten came into their lives, and also the adventures of putting together a new “kat tree.”

At Animal Shelter Volunteer, Moosey knows exactly how to spend a Sunday: enjoy a nap in a patch of sunshine. He looks quite comfy and relaxed there.

7 thoughts on “Carnival of the Cats #414

  1. We LOVE the Carnival, Luna and Amar. Thank you for hosting, and for doing such a great roundup! Now, we’re off to go check out the links to this week’s submissions. 🙂

  2. Chuck the kitten is simply adorable !!!! One of the most beautiful kittens ever…..and the info about Nikita’s dad’s book choices…nice !! ….cant get over that face on Chuck the kitten :))))

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