16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Eclipse

  1. These photos were taken about 30 minutes north of San Francisco on the evening of the solar eclipse (May 19). They were taken using an iPhone.

  2. It’s amazing what the iPhone can capture. I think it sometimes works better than a point & shoot. I’m curious how you did it.

  3. Yeah yours look as good or better then the ones my kids took through a welders mask (near Sac), with their expensive camera. The oddest thing happened, their indoor in the window hibiscus petals furled individually and so could not close up properly over the stamen and then fell from the stem, thinking perhaps it had to do with the double dark and light shadows, some how triggered the furling system ahead of the closing system, certainly made us aware that such celestial events are capable of affecting our world.

  4. Not only am I impressed you were able to do this with an iPhone, but I’m green with envy because we had overcast skies. So thank you for letting me see what I missed!

  5. Very cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy you got to enjoy the eclipse and get that picture 🙂

    Oh yeah…Happy 78th Birthday to Robert Moog.(RIP)
    First time playing with a synth 🙂

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