16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Westward

  1. This image abounds with the word “west”. It is looking westward from the Western Addition neighborhood of San Francisco and and down the hills towards the Pacific Ocean, about as westward as one can get in the continental United States.

    This photo was taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone app in Alamo Square park in San Francisco.

  2. It’s also got kind of a “riding into the sunset” feel to it. Nice shot.

  3. Looks like a hot one! I’m getting ready to go to SoCal in August and I’m trying to get myself ready for this “dry heat” I keep hearing about!

  4. SoCal in August will indeed be quite hot. In San Francisco, however, not so much – in fact the summer months are usually colder and foggier than May or September/October.

  5. That is one great picture. That is one long street and there are so many good things about the picture. Interesting how people are parked on the street. You usually just see that in a small town I think. Anyway, the picture is very nice.

  6. It seems to go on forever and then dip into the unknown. The cars and houses converge at the top. To answer your question about my post, you guessed right, the photos were taken in Hong Kong. 🙂

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