Carnival of the Cats #435

We at CatSynth happy to be hosting Carnival of the Cats #435. For those who aren’t familiar with the carnival, it is a weekly round-up of cat blog posts from around the Internet, submitted by authors. If you would like to participate, leave us a comment – the usual “handy BlogCarnival submission form” is (yet again) not working today. But we still hope that we’ll get some people joining in today.

First up, we have Luna’s fellow house panther Diamond of Diamond’s Lair explaining the impressive feline olfactory system. This is of course an important part of cats’ world in ways that humans cannot understand.

Elivra celebrated her 2nd Gotcha Day this past week! You can visit Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat to wish her well.

Also from Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat this week, we have a survey of cat-themed art from Laguna Beach.

Next, we have a tale of two men, two lounger rooms and two cats, courtesy of the site Mrs. Banks has kittens. You can visit and judge for yourself (and check out the kitten pictures while you are there).

From strangerranger, we have photos of Maddie encountering her new collar. They also have photos of a mysterious feline visitor to their yard.

Animal Shelter Volunteer shares photos of cats Kosmo and Kramer from PAWS. We at CatSynth are fans of Seinfeld, we love the names! Animal Shelter Volunteer is also a finalist for a Pettie Award (awards for the best of pet/animal blogging). You can help them out with the voting by following this link.

At iInfidel, Ritzi likes to pull the curtains open to look out the window. She occasionally likes to stretch her claws on the curtains as well, but this is frowned upon.

If you would like to participate, we will leave the Carnival open through the end of Sunday. Please leave a comment below with your link.

4 thoughts on “Carnival of the Cats #435

  1. The first picture of the black cat looks exactly like one of my cats including the same ID tag and color. I keep scrolling back to the top because the likeness is uncanny!

  2. I’m torn between the beauty of Luna and the beauty of the MacBook Pro. Yes, I am a geek. Thanks for hosting another sweet little carnival.

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