DJ CatSynth on The World of Wonder (KUSF in Exile)

Tonight at midnight PST, I will be guest-hosting Matt Davignon’s program The World of Wonder on San Francisco Community Radio (KUSF in Exile). You can listen live here at midnight, or find an archived edition at the same location afterwards for those who aren’t awake at that time (it’s 3AM EDT in the US, for example).

The program will feature a variety of unusual music, including several friends from here in the Bay Area and New York, as well as some classics of modern electro-acoustic music. If you enjoy the musical offerings of this site, I invite you to tune in!

2 thoughts on “DJ CatSynth on The World of Wonder (KUSF in Exile)

  1. Wow, that sounds cool, Amar. I’m definitely going to have to find one of those archived edition … 3AM is just way too early for yours truly. 🙂

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