19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Mojave Airplane Boneyard

  1. This is the airplane boneyard in Mojave, California. I make a point of stopping there on my trips out to the desert.

    Note that this was taken in the same location and (approximate) time as last week’s Wordless Wednesday featuring the shadow image.

  2. Guess planes have to be scrapped too. You would think that some of the parts could be used for something. But maybe they have done that. It would make a good house for some homeless kitties. LOL.

  3. Fascinating. «Louis», with his interest in old cars, finds auto junkyards fascinating, too.

    Here’s «Louis’» WW post. He hadn’t posted it when you stopped by and saw the Plymouth XNR. Next Tuesday, «Louis» is planning to post one of his designs for Packard.

  4. This is quite interesting, hadn’t thought about where the airplanes go when they can no longer fly.

    Happy Blogoversary to CatSynth!!


  5. The planes just stay there? They aren’t used for scrap metal, or parts of them taken and used elsewhere? Our human must Google now….

    BTW, we came to say happy blogoversary (Thursday)! 🙂

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