DJ CatSynth on The World of Wonder (KUSF in Exile)

I am now an official host for The World of Wonder on San Francisco Community Radio (KUSF in Exile), alternating weeks with Matt Davignon, and my first show is tonight at midnight PDT. You can listen live online here and find an archive via podcast after the fact.

Each week we will be presenting a variety of music that most people don’t hear everyday, a mixture of esoteric, avant-garde, idiosyncratic and many other kinds of music. I do encourage readers of this site to tune in.

6 thoughts on “DJ CatSynth on The World of Wonder (KUSF in Exile)

  1. Congrats on being a host!
    The timing though, doesn’t quite work for me. 🙁
    How do you manage to get up and go to work after being up so late?

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