CatSynth in New York

Once again, I will be in New York this month. It has become a yearly pilgrimage of sorts, as well as time to visit with family and friends. There will be lots of art, music and urban landscape writ large. And for this in the NYC area, I will be playing a show this Thursday.

November 15, 2012. Ambient-Chaos featuring Groupthink, Amar Chaudhary, LathanFlinAli, Charity Chan.
Spectrum, 121 Ludlow, Second Floor, New York.

LathanFlinAli, Groupthink, Amar Chaudhary, Charity Chan, and Lukas Ligeti live at the Spectrum Loft Space in Manhattan. Spectrum is a new loft space dedicated to experimental and music.

The event starts early. So please be there by 7:30 to settle in and enjoy the frequencies.

I will try and post sporadically, but in the meantime I do expect to continue with live updates of NY adventures via Twitter @catsynth.

5 thoughts on “CatSynth in New York

  1. We look forward to your reports (and pictures) from New York 🙂
    Good luck and fun at your concert too. Safe journey 🙂
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  2. Hi Amar! I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to check out your show tomorrow night. 🙁 How long will you be in New York? Do you have any other shows planned?

  3. Don’t worry, we’re doing fine here :). It’s been a challenge to find time for full posts, with so much going on and so little Internet access. But we will get to them soon. If you follow us on FB or Twitter, you can see my adventures and some photos in the meantime.

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