Carnival of the Cats #456

We at CatSynth are happy to be hosting Carnival of the Cats #456, a weekly round-up of cat-related blog articles submitted by authors.  If you want to participate, leave a comment below or follow this link for more info.

First up, we present the cute white kitten Levon and his crystal bowl antics, courtesy of Lost in the Cheese Aisle.  It is, after all, Bowl Game season is it not?

Our friends Nikita and Elvira and their dad Keeril resume their Seen and Heard series from their new home in Houston.  Their first entry features “Grumpy Goats”, but there are other critters as well when Keeril visits the Southeast Transit Center. (As fellow transit geeks, we like the location.)

A bittersweet entry from StrangeRanger, as they remember Ivy this holiday season.  “It’s our companions who make the holiday very, very special.  Even if they are no longer with us.”

4 thoughts on “Carnival of the Cats #456

  1. Thanks for Hosting!!

    Daddy Kiril said that the frantic crowd scene at the transit center was taken even as he was unsure if it would come out entirely blurred, or not, because of all the yelling, claw dancing, and feather waving going on. 😀

    It’s one of the funniest scenes he’s ever encountered. 😀

  2. Always nice to see what the kitties are doing.
    We do not always know some of the weekend kitties.
    Mom posted a video of JJ watching your Friday video.
    He was trying to get the kitty on the turntable,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

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