World of Wonder with DJ CatSynth

My latest podcast for the World of Wonder is up!

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This episode’s playlist:

10:00AM-10:08AM (7:22) Mary Halvorson and Weasel Walter “The Art Deco Hairbrush” from Opulence (2008) on ugEXPLODE Records

10:08AM-10:13AM (5:21) Jon Raskin And Carla Harryman “LA Reactive Meme” from Open Box (CD, 2012)

10:13AM-10:21AM (7:38) Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble “Darkness Caught By Embers” from Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble I (Classical, 2008) on De Stijl Music

10:21AM-10:57AM (35:27) Instagon “Thee Perlexity ov a Shrinking Steering Wheel” from Thee Perlexity ov a Shrinking Steering Wheel (2012)

10:59AM-11:29AM (30:24) Instagon “Thee Sickness ov Losing Friends Over Stupid Stuff On Facebook” from Thee Perlexity ov a Shrinking Steering Wheel (2012)

11:29AM-11:37AM (8:02) Vinny Golia Sextet “Abstroblue (Greetings Fellow Stargazers!)” from Abstractions And Retrocausalities (CD, Album, Jazz, 2011) on Nine Winds (USA)

11:37AM-11:45AM (8:00) Myrmyr “Thunder Stars” from Fire Star (CD, 2012)

11:45AM-11:48AM (3:00) Music For Hard Times (Tom Nunn & Paul Winstanley) “Plabas” from 8:30:11

11:57AM-11:59AM (2:06) Chris Cutler & Thomas DiMuzio “When Cracks Appear: Reappearance Of BirdsWhen Cracks Appear: Things Roll Backwards Then” from Quake (CD, 1999)