New Podcast: World of Wonder, Cat Edition

My latest podcast is up. This is an episode I have wanted to do for a while for my show The World of Wonder on San Francisco Community Radio (KUSF in Exile). It features tracks by several friends, and a special guest appearance by “DJ Luna.” Please check it out.

World of Wonder, Cat Edition, March 14, 2013

With DJ CatSynth and guest appearance by DJ Luna

10:00AM-10:04AM (3:44) Ubiquity “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat (The Aristocats)” from Rewind! 5 (2006)

10:04AM-10:10AM (5:58) Cujo “Cat People” from Trip Hop & Jazz 4 (1998)

10:10AM-10:14AM (4:13) Protea “Mau Bast (feat. Retribution Body)” from Going Forth By Night (Rock, 2011) on Protea

10:14AM-10:18AM (4:08) Pram “Track of the Cat” from Dark Island (2003) on Merge Records

10:18AM-10:24AM (6:06) Psychic TV “BLACK CAT” from Trip Reset (Rock, 1995) on Genesis P-Orridge

10:24AM-10:31AM (6:40) cEvin Key “Wind On Small Paws” from Music For Cats (1998) on Metropolis Records

10:32AM-10:42AM (10:18) cEvin Key “Meteorite” from Music For Cats (1998) on Metropolis Records

10:42AM-10:44AM (1:30) cEvin Key “Musik fur Cats” from Music For Cats (1998) on Metropolis Records

10:44AM-10:48AM (4:35) The Lions “Jungle Struttin’” from Jungle Struttin’ (CD, Album, Reggae, 2008) on Ubiquity Recordings, Inc. (USA)

10:48AM-10:50AM (1:39) Joseph Keckler “Cat Names” from Cat Names – Single (2011) on Joseph Keckler

10:50AM-10:55AM (4:47) Amar Chaudhary “Octave Cat Improvisation 24 April 2007” from Octave Cat Improvisation 24 April 2007 (Single, 2007)

10:55AM-10:57AM (1:58) The Felines “Daddy Walk” from Daddy Walk – EP (2012) on Dirty Water Records

10:57AM-10:59AM (2:21) The Felines “BOOTS” from Daddy Walk – EP (2012) on Dirty Water Records

11:00PM-11:04PM (3:38) The Cure “The Love Cats” from Staring At The Sea: The Singles 1979-1985 (1983)

11:04PM-11:13PM (9:12) Nommo Ogo “A Call to Cats On the MMoon” from Across Time and Space (2009) on Record Label RecordsLocal

11:13PM-11:18PM (4:52) ISAN “Kittenplan A” from Lucky Cat (2001) on morr music

11:18PM-11:25PM (7:06) ISAN “Caddis” from Lucky Cat (2001) on morr music

11:25PM-11:29PM (3:59) Dale Hoyt “Transgenic Hairshirt” from Transgenic Hairshirt (Single)

11:29PM-11:30PM (1:26) Kristin Miltner “Space Shooter: Girl Avatar” from Library Catalog Music Series: Music For Dreaming and Playing(2010) on Asthmatic Kitty (US)

11:30PM-11:32PM (1:24) Kristin Miltner “Leapster WordChasers (like Pac Man, with kitties)” from Leapfrog Leapster

11:33PM-11:38PM (4:44) Mindaugas Piecaitis with Nora the Piano Playing Cat “CATcerto” from CATcerto (Single, 2009)

11:38PM-11:42PM (3:59) No No Nancy “Metal Squirrel Space Adventure HQ” from Metal Squirrel Space Adventure HQ (Single, 2004)

11:42PM-11:44PM (2:44) Kodek “The Tin Foil Cat Groove” from Offline Synthwave (2012) on UNIVERSAL FUNK RECORDS

11:44PM-11:49PM (4:57) Protea “Sa Sekhem Sahu (feat. tara ntula)” from Going Forth By Night (Rock, 2011) on Protea

11:49PM-11:50PM (0:40) Theresa Wong “Feline Pantomime” from The Unlearning (2011) on Tzadik

11:50PM-11:53PM (3:20) Kitten On the Keys “Mister Deep Blue Sea” from Salty Meat Girl (2007) on Rug Burn SF

11:53PM-11:59PM (5:38) Cat Power “ENOUGH” from Myra Lee (1996) on Smells Like Records


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  1. We heard you Luna!! Your lovely purrs, loud and clear. We listened to the podcast, and enjoyed the music very much! Have a great weekend.


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