New Podcast: World of Wonder with DJ CatSynth April 11, 2013

The latest podcast is up! You can check it out via the player below or by following this link.

The World of Wonder with DJ CatSynth, April 11, 2013


10:00AM-10:05AM (4:27) Ata “Sote” Ebtakar “Dastgaah (Part 2)” from Dastgaah (Part 2) (MP3, Single)

10:05AM-10:08AM (3:46) Bobby Womack “Across 110th Street” from Midnight Mover: The Bobby Womack Story (CD, 1993)

10:08AM-10:25AM (16:59) Horaflora “Live @ Weirdstock Three, Boston MA 2011” from Live @ Weirdstock Three, Boston MA 2011 (Single, 2013)

10:25AM-10:29AM (3:49) Mehrpouya “Soul Raga” from Persian Funk (CD, 2011)

10:29AM-10:36AM (6:58) Spezza Roto “Mille Desideri” from Tredici Canzoni

10:36AM-10:50AM (14:13) Music For Hard Times (Tom Nunn & Paul Winstanley) “Besplat” from 8:30:11 (CD)

10:50AM-11:01AM (10:51) Sonny Memorial Quartet Clark with Ray Drummond, Wayne Horvit “Voodoo – Sonny Memorial Quartet Clark with Ray Drummond, Way” from Voodoo (CD, 1986)

11:02AM-11:10AM (8:01) Eji Oyewole “Unity Of Africa” from Nigeria 70 – Sweet Times: Afro-Funk, Highlife & Juju from 19 (MP3, 2011)

11:10AM-11:21AM (10:41) Harry Partch “Exordium: The Beginning Of A Web” from Delusion Of The Fury (MP3, 1999)

11:21AM-11:29AM (8:20) Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble “Quiet Emperor” from Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble I (CD, Classical, 2008) on De Stijl Music

11:30AM-11:34AM (3:58) Fred Frith “Absent Friends” from Cheap At Half the Price (CD, 2004) on RER Megacorp

11:34AM-11:42AM (8:16) Richard Devine “Oxin2lin” from Risp LP (2012) on Detroit Underground

11:42AM-11:48AM (6:27) Mitchell Akiyama “Alt Then Felt” from Small Explosions That Are Your’s to Keep (2005) on Sub Rosa (Belgium)

11:48AM-11:56AM (8:10) Jurica Jelic “Seaside Sketches” from Distant Memories (2012) on Alrealon Music

11:56AM-11:59AM (2:49) Colleen “Goodbye Sunshine” from Everyone Alive Wants Answers (CD, 2003) on The Leaf Label

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