10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Rose City

  1. During my recent trip to the Rose City (Portland), I had significantly more time to explore and photograph, especially on the east bank of Willamette, where this photo was taken. Nonetheless, that same rose-colored glass building that stood out during the 2007 trip remained prominent in the skyline during this trip as well.

  2. The view of the river in the foreground reminds «Louis» of the Seine in Paris, though you wouidn’t see a skyscraper near the Seine. (In the 1870s under Napoléan III, Baron Haussmann rebuilt much of Paris and the height of buildings was limited to 7 stories. In the 20th century, a few skyscrapers were built in Paris, but Parisians decided they didn’t want to look like Manhattan and the building height rule was re-instated. Thus you will see skyscrapers surrounding Paris, but very few actually in it.)

  3. I like the contrast of the turquoise window trim. The highrise is a rather unrelieved rectangle. Can’t help but wonder how much sunlight actually penetrates to the interior.

  4. I like this one better because I can see the whole building, and I love it against the sky. Rose-colored glass in the Rose City… Gotta love it!

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