6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Exterminate?

  1. A piece of the past. I love this kind of finds. Then learn the history.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

  2. An interesting contraption, Cathie:) But what in the world is a dalek?
    Just to keep you up to date, I changed my username from Jeshie2 to Emille, because of a blog issue. Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Emille!

      A Dalek is one of the antagonists [bad characters/characters who act against the main character] in the sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO.

      They are intended to be robots.

      Daleks look something like salt and pepper shakers and they are usually unable to climb stairs.

      In the Doctor Who universe they are always planning and plotting against the Doctor and the Doctor’s companions.

      Cathy has quoted their catch phrase EXTERMINATE. Which would crack a smile among those who do know something about Daleks.

      My own first exposure to Daleks was through a computer game by a Swedish programmer. You could make the Daleks into dust by some clever keyboarding and if you were in trouble you could use a sonic screwdriver – another iconic Doctor Who presence [a tool that the Doctor would use to fix things that went on in their TARDIS – spaceship].

      Blog issues – no matter how they come about – can range from annoying to worse.

      Beehive burners! Have just watched a movie called PUBLIC WORKS or A NOBLE INTENTION which has beekeeping in a cottage way as part of the plot.

    1. What grabbed me in the Dalek direction was the bottom – and that it was meant to be completely immobilised.

      I think the funnel makes it look kinder and gentler than a Dalek would usually be out in the wild.

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