Farewell to 2023

As is our tradition here at CatSynth, we look back on the year that draws to a close with a collage and stats. It’s always a challenge to pick photos to represent the year, these were just a few that covered some of the themes. We made more music than ever (mostly in the studio here at CatSynth HQ). We had many explorations and adventures. It was the first time attending the NAMM show since the pandemic. It was our first time going back to New York since the pandemic, and we went twice! In some ways, the year was divided into three sections based on different day jobs (or lack thereof), but the images and memories connected to them transcend these divisions. And as always, the arbitrary ending of a year leaves us with a full queue of things not yet done and still to do – and in this particular passing of the year a sense of dread, not so much for us at CatSynth but for the world around us. Again, the images and memories anchor to what is important.

And now, some stats. Here on the CatSynth blog:

  • 195 Posts (including this one)
  • Top 5 commenters:
    1. Ellen Pilch (15andmeowing)
    2. meowmeowmans (Animal Shelter Volunteer)
    3. Sandee (Comedy Plus)
    4. Keith’s Ramblings
    5. Patrick Weseman

And on CatSynth TV, it’s been a banner year. 35% increase in views, 30% increase in watch hours (that’s the big one they care about over at YouTube), double as many new subscribers as 2022. We launched “shorts” to complement our full-length numbered episodes. A few other stats for the year.

Most Viewed Videos

  1. California Highway 160: Antioch Bridge to Rio Vista
  2. Arturia Vocoder V: Demo and Tutorial
  3. Ea Nasir, the Oldest Known Complaint Letter, and Copper Ingots
  4. Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine – a detailed demo and tutorial
  5. Introduction to the KOMA Field Kit

Most Popular new videos of 2023

  1. Yamaha RX5 Drum Machine – a detailed demo and tutorial
  2. NAMM 2023: Polyend Tracker Mini
  3. Arturia MicroFreak v5 firmware – A detailed overview
  4. Arturia Acid V: An Acid and Techno legend reborn! (Demo and tutorial)
  5. Cherry Audio PS-3300 – a massive demo and tutorial for a massive synth

It’s interesting that some of the most watched overall were not new this year. I like to think of that as representing that there is enduring interest in our videos from previous years over a longer period of time.

And that is the final thought heading into the new year, enduring and being resilient even has chaos, difficulties, and challenges abound. As always, we’ll keep doing what we do.

4 thoughts on “Farewell to 2023

  1. Wow, what a year you had! Hopefully, the next time you are in New York, the timing will work out so we can visit. 🙂

    Happy New Year, Amanda, Sam Sam and Big Merp!


    1. Thanks! Would definitely love to visit in person next time – I’ll let you know and hopefully the timing works out 😻

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