Weekend Cat Blogging #108

WCB #108 is being hosted by Pet's Garden Blog, and in honor of the “bengal brats”, we are offering some more photos of our bengal-like neighbor:

On hot summer days, he sometimes would stop and drink out of the fountain sculpture in the yard.

The fountain is an original sculpture of mine titled Imbalance, completed in 2004 and then renovated in 2006. It has been featured on this site before.

Some neighbors do leave out water bowls as a safer alternative, though like many places there are controversies about outdoor cats. We prefer to simply think of them as part of our neighborhood.

Of course, it wouldn't be WCB without Luna starring, so here are some recent relaxing photos of la gatita bonita:

Check out all the other cats at Weekend Cat Blogging #108 and Carnival of the Cats #171 (at a still secure undisclosed location, I'll update when I found out where). We are also showing up late, yet again, for Friday Ark #145.

Speaking of strays, we're going to continue our experiment with Open Trackbacks for this post. Feline related trackbacks preferred.