Why do people do things like this?

PARMA, Ohio, May 25 (UPI). An Ohio cat named Lucky survived being shot in the head with an arrow…Kristin Slovensky told WKYC-TV she was on her porch when the 8-year-old cat staggered up with an arrow through its neck.

…Police were investigating and Slovensky was wondering why someone would shoot an arrow at her cat.

“He's fixed, he's gentle, he loves to walk through the neighborhood, everybody on this street knows Lucky, and loves him,” she told the television station.

As the title of the article suggests, Lucky was a “Lucky cat indeed.” Another poor cat, Sammy from Georgia was not so lucky :(. You can follow the link to find out more, but is both sad and graphic, so please keep that in mind before reading. This was a couple's beloved pet, and we at CatSynth send them our condolences. It is worth noting that this tragedy occured in Georgia, which as discussed earlier recently upgraded its animal cruelty laws and has a strong veterinary forensics program. We certainly hope they catch whoever was responsible for both of these acts.