Weekend Cat Blogging: A Busy Week

Every week is a busy week here at CatSynth, but this past week has been exceptionally so. Of course, there was the show and all the preparations. Work was more intense than usual as well. Also a fun this week, good food and drink and friends; and a volunteer activity. And lest we forget, the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos last weekend.

But in the midst of all of that, Luna makes sure to get the attention she deserves:

As the studio takes shape, old activities return, like pawing at my chair for attention, and resting in the beanbag.

And now, we rest:

Some very sad news from our friends Megan and the Bad Kitty Cats. Braum Kitty and Rimbaud have passed away in tragic circumstances, and are dearly missed by their family. There is joy as well, with the new kittens the “Three Blind Mice.” And they will be hosting the Carnival of the Cats this weekend.

The Cat Blogosphere has this wonderful tribute to mothers, feline and humans.

More food and friends. Weekend Cat Blogging #153 is being hosted by sher and Laura and Pumpkin. Laura is growing and looking more like Luna.

The Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is being hosted by Sleeping Mommy. And of course the Friday Ark #190 is at the modulator.