Weekend Cat Blogging #187

Our first Weekend Cat Blogging of 2009 begins with Luna playing on the balcony, with some of the remaining construction in the background.

It really should be done sometime this month, after which all those extra columns and plastic will be gone. It will be great to have our full home back again. It feels like so much is waiting for that moment, including a few of our New Years resolutions.

This next photo was a lucky accident, a detailed close-up portrait of Luna giving and receiving love:

Weekend Cat Blogging #187 is hosted by Samantha and Tigger at Life from a Cat’s Perspective.

The Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos will be hosted this week by Miz Mog and the Kitties at Mind of Mog

The Carnival of the Cats goes to The Whole Kitten Kaboodle this Sunday.

And of course the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

Some things never change.