Weekend Cat Blogging #200

We at CatSynth are delighted to be hosting the 200th edition of Weekend Cat Blogging. That’s quite a milestone. The first edition was back in 2005, and we started participating in the summer of 2006, and we have met many cats and their humans through this weekly event.

So we’re hoping for a big turnout to come a celebrate with us this weekend. To participate, leave us a comment and we will include you in the round up.

First up, Cheysuli speaks up about the male and why he dislikes him. It’s a strange concept to us at CatSynth, where Luna seems quite fond of her male human.

Far away in Malaysia, Elin receives some awards, but hasn’t much time to post or visit because her human secretary is feeling ill.

From Malaysia we then go to Tennessee, where the old lady cat, Scrappycat, and upstart young kitten, Patchouli, from Sidewalk Shoes are pleased to join us for WCB #200, and we’re of course pleased to have them here.

We have found the source of Elin’s award, it’s from Pinky and Ash, where life is grand this weekend. And judging from the affection in that photo, life does indeed seem grand.

Some cats want affection from the humans in their lives. Others are content just to be fed. Cece was happy to get fed my Mog, without even having to beg. He has her well trained, it seems.

Meanwhile, Mog finds this photo of Meowza sums up her week in one word: dirt.

Butch and his shadow, Vincent are joining us this weekend from Judi’s Mind over Matter, and share this rather affectionate photo with us.

Our friends from The Cat Realm haven’t been part of WCB for a while, but they are joining us this weekend, too, and to help us get caught up they have provided this handy who’s who chart. Hey, they have a Luna there, too!

On to Florida, where our friends Samantha and Tigger discuss stripes. Tigger of course has stripes on his, while Samantha does not.

Arthur may look innocent, but he is a documented killer. Visit Gattina’s “My Cats and Funny Stories” to see Arthur successfully hunt, kill and eat a mouse. (They do have pictures. You have been warned)

We’ll continue to post links as we receive them through Monday, so there’s still plenty of time to participate.

Other events this weekend include the Carnival of the Cats at No Cats Allowed, and the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos hosted by The Meezers and Billy.

And of course The Friday Ark is at the modulator.