Weekend Cat Blogging #345 round-up

As stated yesterday, we at CatSynth are stepping in at the last minute to host the round-up for Weekend Cat Blogging #345.

And we did get a few entries, so let us continue with the round-up.

First up, we have this very sweet image of Jules and Vincent together at Judi’s Mind Over Matter. They share brotherly love, and body heat.

Napping appears to be the order of the day (isn’t it always), and Meowza has staked out a good spot, on his human’s lap. But it’s mutually beneficial. Human acts as cushion and cat acts as space heater.

At Jan’s Funny Farm, Percy and the other cats decide to get a nice gift for Jan. Fortunately, they have sense not to select a cat bed.

At Animal Shelter Volunteer Life, they are celebrating the gifts of new homes for many of the cats, including Diamond pictured above. The PAWS shelter has been able to place a great many cats into new homes in both December and January!

At Pam’s Sidewalk Shows, the crew invites readers to submit their own captions for this week’s picture (shown above). Be witty, be creative, and leave them a suggestion.

Truffle and Brulee are taking it easy this Sunday, and have some advice for their mom that spending time with them will be healing. We at CatSynth agree that time with cats been be very good for one’s health.

And a bit of “WCB Apocrypha.” Susan St. Clair is a regular visitor for Wordless Wednesday and the Weekend Photo Hunt, which was part of yesterday’s post. But her photo hunt image is too cute not to include in this round-up.

We will continue to update through the end of Sunday, Pacific Standard Time, so if you would like to participate, please leave a comment below.