Weekend Cat Blogging #355

We at CatSynth are happy to be hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #355. It’s actually quite a busy weekend, with Spring Open Studios and sundry activities. So the round-up won’t be posted until Sunday. But in the meantime, please do submit your cat-related posts via comments, via our facebook page, or tweet us @catsynth, and we will include you.

And so now let us get on with the round-up. It’s a small and intimate group so far this weekend, but we appreciate our participants all the same.

First up, Nikita and Elvira have been busy Remodeling their New HQ: The FNN Center. It features a multi-story cat tower as well as space for quiet contemplation. Check out the pictures. They also have a naming contest.

Elvira is also reaching new heights as a result of the placement of the new cat tower. Looks like fun, though I personally get a bit nervous when Luna gets up in high places.

I love this picture of Jules and Vincent peering over the balcony as they enjoy the first days of spring. It sounds like it has been a rainy start to the season in Alabama, just as it has been for us here in California.

Somewhere in between those two locations, our friends Samantha, Clementine and Maverick share share wordless portraits. Actually, there is a fourth portrait as well: a mysterious shadow. Who could that be?

We will continue to add folks to the round-up later today, so please keep your submissions coming. And thanks to everyone who participated.