Worthless Kitty Redux: Pyramid

September 19, 2004

It was a red triangle
That formed on the side of the black pyramid
It was the red light curving from the source
Bent around the invisible smoke

It is hard enough to keep things straight
Without adding an extra dimension
But I string them all together
In hopes of something beautiful, something fantastic
For which I will find myself forever grateful
I thank my geometric farm
And turn all of my eyes elsewhere

It is maybe five in the morning,
I look over towards the window of our New York apartment
The dawn of early summer meeting the waning glow of city lights
And see her rising from the bed
In her T-shirt and boxers
Her indefinite-length brown hair irrelevant against her own shadow
This is a safe place
It is us against them
And I think we might still stand a chance

© 2004 Amar Chaudhary