Fun with highways: I-110/I-105 interchange in Los Angeles

This is the famed five-level intechange of 105 and 110 in Los Angeles, a rather impressive engineering feat.

Interstate 105, the Century Freeway, is one of the last of the major LA freeways to be built, and one I had neither seen nor driven until a wonderful Hollywood/LA/Orange County adventure that took place almost a year ago (it was in early February of 2006). I will spare you the details, dear reader, but I will say that it was cooincident with the 2006 Grammy Awards and was an amazingly memorable “night that never ended” until I returned home on “the 101” a day later…

3 thoughts on “Fun with highways: I-110/I-105 interchange in Los Angeles

  1. this photo reminds me of a <a href="">knot,</a&gt; which might not be a bad thing to study if designing highway intersections and overpasses.

    also, i spent the last hour looking at the bay area suburbs r.e. blog. wow, nutz.

    thanks for stopping by, what has been "allowed," rather perpetrated on nola is mind boggling.

    and a crime, or sin, depending on pov. probably both.

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    beautiful kitty. i have a "grandbaby" meezer kitty, who's also named luna [-tic].

    perhaps if your luna had a proper box in which to hide….?? 😉

    be happy,

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